Preparedness for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, tsunamis, terrorist attacks and other man-made and natural disasters is essential.

Having a disaster plan is the key to survival. Having a survival kit in each place you and your family spend time, should be a part of your overall disaster plan. You may be forced to evacuate, shelter-in-place (which includes staying at work or school for an extended amount of time) or even walk home a great distance. There may be an extended period of time where you need to sustain yourself. For these situations, we offer 3-day survival kits, as well as larger kits for families, offices and schools.

Please see our Preparedness Tips and Information for how to make a plan as well as numerous other topics.
If a disaster strikes, you'll be confident in knowing that everything you need is in your survival kits and that you and your family have a well-practiced plan.

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Basic #1 School or Office Kit
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Basic Emergency Support Unit / Earthquake Survival Kit
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Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration Bar Five Year Shelf-Life
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Deluxe Emergency Support Unit Backpack Earthquake Kit
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Deluxe Emergency Support Unit Earthquake Kit
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Earthquake Kit, The Small Perfect Survival Kit, Emergency, Auto, Home
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Lightweight Emergency Poncho
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Metal Whistle with Lanyard
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Mylar Blanket 84 inch x 52 inch Case of 250
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Survival Kit / Evac Pack Emergency Kit for all types of disasters
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