25-Person Office Emergency Support Unit

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Packed in a 50 Gallon container on wheels, Some Supplies are organized in one duffel bag


Food & Water

    25-Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration Bar Five Year Shelf-Life

 225-Datrex Emergency Water Pouches 5 Year Shelf-Life

      1-Bottle Aqua Pure Water Purification Tablets



5-7-1/2" Long 3 LED Black Plastic Flashlight with Batteries

10-D Batteries         

1-Dynamo Wind-up 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio, Cell Phone Charger & Emergency Siren

3-Green Light Sticks Pack of 12 Made in the USA

5 - Whistles




    4- Toilet paper rolls


   25-Tubes of Toothpaste

   25-3/4 oz. Bar Soap

100-Hand Wipes

   25-Hazardous Waste Bags

   25-Trash Bags

   1 – Honey Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid



1 - Prybar/Wrench with Gas Shut Off

5- Pairs Leather Palm Gloves

1-  50 Yard Duct Tape

2- Utlity Knives

1 - Parachord 100'

5 - Goggles

1 - Pair Pliers

1 - Folding Shovel



  2-8x10 Tarp

25-Mylar Blankets

25-Rain Ponchos

First Aid

3 - Mini Trauma Kits all the essentials to treat most wounds. First aid booklets included.

25 - N95 Particulate Respirator Masks

1 - EVACU-AID™ The Soft-Fold Emergency Stretcher

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