4 Person Survival, Earthquake, Evacuation, Emergency Disaster

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This comprehensive kit contains essential products to insure your family's survival during any type of natural or man-made disaster. All items are packed securely by Survival Kits Online in a deluxe duffel bag.
The kit includes the following:
Food and Water:
48 Pouches of  Datrex Water- Twice the amount of water as leading suppliers. 4.227 oz. Pouches Purified water for immediate use. Superior packaging materials for optimum durability. Easy to dispense from a pre-measured pouches Lightweight and extremely compact Loss potential  minimized due to individual pouches approved by the U.S.. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard and exceeds their specifications. The pouches can withstand 600 pounds of pressure per square inch Pouches can be frozen and used as "cold packs." Has a five year shelf-life.  Date of manufacture is stamped on each package 

4 2400 Calorie Food Bars - Datrex food bars provide essential energy and nutrition in emergency situations and are an excellent addition to any  emergency preparedness supply. These survival food bars taste great and have enough energy to sustain an individual for up to three days. These individually packaged and tabletized rations will last 5 years and are great in 72-hour kits, for your home, school, vehicle or office.

1 2.5 Gallon Water Bag. Store or collect extra water for drinking. Use water purification tablets if needed to provide clean drinking water.

1 Water Purification Tablets Bottle of 50. Each tablet purifies 1 liter of water. These tablets will provide extra drinking water.

Light and Communication:
1 4 in 1 Hand Crank Dynamo Emergency Radio 3 Super Bright White LED Bulbs with 2 functions, Cell Phone Charger (only fits certain cell phones) Emergency Siren, AM/FM/Band Radio with Antenna. Never needs batteries. Find out breaking news, evacuation routes, school closures, severity of damage and get valuable instructions from local government

2 Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight - contains internal batteries, hand squeeze to generate power, 1 minute squeezing gives you 30 minutes of light, easy to use compact

4 12 Hour Emergency Light Sticks last for full 12 hours and are made in the USA, Ingredients are non-toxic, Phthalate free, non-flammable, weatherproof. To activate remove from foil wrapper, bend, snap and shake

1    5 in 1 Emergency Whistle. Contains: This handy tool has a compass, signaling mirror, flint starter, a waterproof container, and lanyard. It is a very loud shrill whistle. The sound travels over 1 mile.

1 Folding Emergency Stove with fuel tablets. Made of durable plated steel. Ideal for emergency kits. Folds up into a compact unit for easy storage. Opens to two cooking positions. Fuel tablets (included) burn without odor and ignite easily. 
Shelter and Warmth:
4 Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag - Recommended over common "space blankets" These sleeping bags protect an individual much more than the basic outdated space blankets The bags are waterproof and windproof and retain 90% of your body heat. This bag may be used in conjunction with other sleeping bags, tarps or blankets to give you the added warmth and protection. Can be used to cover the ground to keep you from moisture.

4 16 Hour Body Warmer: These body warmers heat up in just minutes. They last for 16 hours and heat up to 150 degrees with an average temperature of 130 degrees. Place within sleeping bag or under clothing for optimal results.

2 2 Person Tube Tent with Rope. Set up camp simply with the Emergency Tube Tent. This emergency tent is easy and fast to setup and lightweight. Get you out of the elements quickly, can be used as ground cover and/or wind break.

4 Emergency Poncho with Hood. Lightweight, compact, reusable, can easily fit in your backpack, glove box, or even your pocket. This adult one size fits all.  This is the perfect, inexpensive option for emergency weather protection. Essential for rain, mist or wet conditions. Use as a ground cover, window cover, etc.

1 Box of 50 Waterproof Matches. The Stansport brand Waterproof Matches are a unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions. The match box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating. 50 waterproof matches per box, Non-toxic formula, Striking surface treated with moisture resistant coating

1 Fire Starter. Easy to use. Scrape the fire starter shaft with the provided steal to create sparks. Aim the sparks at tinder to start a fire.

1 Emergency Candles Pack of 5. Long burning candles give off plenty of light. Only light candles if you know for sure there are no gas leaks. Candles must be in a secure place where they won't fall over in case of earthquakes or after shocks. Do not leave unattended. Keep away from children.

1 16 Function Knife. This knife feature stainless steel tools, and impact resistant plastic handles. Numerous uses with all the tools available in one folding knife. Great for camping, fishing, opening cans and emergencies. Tools include large knife blade, can opener, scissors, saw, file, fish scaler /hook disgorger, awl, hole punch, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener/screwdriver, detachable toothpick and tweezers

1 Leather Palm Working Gloves. A must for every survival kit. Protect your hands when moving objects, cleaning debris or setting up shelter.

1      50 feet of nylon rope. All purpose. This nylon rope is extremely strong and durable. It has many uses and is easy to work with. Hang tarps for protection from the elements. Use to dry clothes or Tie down objects.

1 Gas shut off wrench. Can be used to shut of gas, pry open doors or window. Valuable tool during an emergency.

1 Can opener. Open can foods during an emergency (canned food not included)

Hygiene and Sanitation:
4     Hygiene Kit - Includes soap, toothbrush, toothpaste

8      Pocket Tissue Packs. May be used for hygiene and sanitary purposes. May be used as toilet paper or use to start a fire.

First Aid:
1 Large Comprehensive First Aid Kit good for all types of emergencies. Bandages, wound cleansing and closure. Useful instructions. Treat basic emergency injuries.

1 Deck of playing cards for entertainment. Cut the boredom, depression and cabin fever. Taking your mind off the situation for any period of time can really help keep you going during a disaster.

2 Waste Bag. 

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