About Us


Emergency Preparedness Service has been a leader in disaster preparedness since 1989. Long before the Y2K scare, 2011 Japan devastating earthquake and tsunami and 2012 prophecies, our company was there working day and night helping people prepare.

 Our company started off as the brainchild of Don and Helga Atwood, the company’s founders. Starting the business in a local Seattle warehouse, they took on the emerging internet craze and proceeded to dominate the preparedness niche for the next 25 years. Always with affordability, reliability and safety in mind, they continually researched and tested new products to add to their product line.

Early in 2015 both Don and Helga decided to retire do to health issues. They didn’t want to just end the company they loved and worked so hard to build.  Mainly because of the many customers, who relied on Emergency Preparedness Service and whom they had built a wonderful relationship with. They both felt like their customers were their family and friends.

 So, they set out to find someone who had the experience and understanding of the preparedness business as well as the customer service values their customers expected. After several months of searching and hours of discussions, the new owners were set to carry the torch. Helga stayed on with the new owners to help facilitate a smooth transition.

We have taken the reigns and are committed to not only walking in Don and Helga’s footsteps, but to also grow the company and make their “baby” sustainable.  For the past year, we have been redesigning and updating the website. We have added several new products to the product line and will continue to do so in the future.  

If there is something you need but can’t find on our website, please let us know.