FAST-ACT Chemical Decontamination Kit
FAST-ACT Chemical Decontamination Kit

FAST-ACT® Chemical Decontamination Ready Survivalist Kit

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The FAST-ACT® Chemical Decontamination Ready Kit provides an assortment of our newest and most popular surface decon products in a compact storage box.  The FAST-ACT sorbent powder was developed for military level chemical containment and neutralization capabilities.  It can rapidly breakdown a broad spectrum of harmful chemicals, including chemical warfare agents (CWA) to safer sorbent-bound byproducts.

FAST-ACT Chemical Decontamination Ready Kit:

(1) Microfiber Towel Pack,
(1) Mask
(1) Powder Bottle Pack
(1) Mitt
User Manual and product information

  • Unknown Chemical Release
  • Chemical Contamination
  • Smells/Vapors of Unknown Origin
  • Chemical Attack
  • Decontamination of Personal Equipment and Gear
  • Cleanup of a Chemical or Fuel Spill
  • Unknown Hazard Exposure

We have expanded the FAST-ACT family of products from our initial assortment of First Responder sorbent delivery systems to small scale, easy to use, rapid surface decon systems.  
Our FAST-ACT Chemical Decontamination Ready includes our trusted FAST-ACT Surface Decontamination Mitt which is used by forces around the world for rapid adsorption of chemicals on surfaces.  
It contains two 50 gram bottles of FAST-ACT sorbent in dispenser bottles which are ideal for decontaminating boots, shoes, and small gear.  
We have included our microfiber towel set for detail level surface decontamination.  And finally, we have a set of three FAST-ACT face masks which can help reduce exposure to a broad spectrum of noxious odors and particulate matter.

FAST-ACT’s versatility makes it the ideal chemical response product for a variety of applications including:

  • HAZMAT response
  • Neutralization of harmful small-scale liquid and chemical spills
  • Knockdown of dangerous vapors in enclosed spaces
  • Equipment and suit decontamination
  • Unknown chemical mixture neutralization
  • Vehicle battery acid releases
  • Pesticide releases
  • Damaged leaking packages

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