Today in Disaster History March 15, 2018

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Disasters in History

Nuclear Explosion Preparedness

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Preparing for nuclear disaster is essential because of all of the recent threats from North Korea and the possibility of war. 

Today in Disaster History January 5, 2018

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1969 - In Surrey, England, an Airana Afghan Airlines flight crashed due to pilot error. 50 of the 65 people onboard were killed. An additional two people were killed on the ground. 

1970 - In Yunnan province, China, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake killed 15,521 people.

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Today in Disaster History January 3, 2018

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Today in Disaster History

1975 - In Moscow, Russia, 61 people were killed when an Aeroflot flight crashed shortly after takeoff. 

1976 - In Moscow, Russia, 87 people died when an Aeroflot flight crashed into houses after takeoff as a result of an in-flight fire. 

2004 - A Egyptian charter flight crashed into the Red Sea killing 148 people. 

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Happy New Year 2018 from Emergency Preparedness Service!

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Happy New Year 2018 from Emergency Preparedness Service!

The 2017 hurricane season hit many people very hard. Thousands of people were caught unprepared. 
For some people, preparing is all at once, while others prefer to slowly accumulate the essential items they might need. 
Either way, we are here to help you. So over the next few months, we will be sending out tips and tricks to help you and you family prepare. 

The most important place to start is making a plan. 
Write it down, practice and tweak your plan until everyone in the family is familiar with what to do, what to expect and how to react. 

Have a heathy safe 2018 from your friends at

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Yellowstone Supervolcano was Hit By 450 Earthquakes In One Week

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Yellowstone earthquake swarms, are we ready for the supervolcano? 

7.0 Earthquake in southern Japan

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7.0 Earthquake in southern Japan Launches New Website

Posted by on 3/24/2016 to News has a newly designed website...check it out. 

Welcome to our online store

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