Helping the Elderly or People with Special Needs Prepare for Disaster

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Don’t forget your elderly or special needs friends or family members, when planning your emergency disaster preparedness. Anyone with special needs may need assistance when preparing, so find out what special items they may need and stock up on these items. You can ask their doctors for an additional supply of needed medications. Some insurance companies don’t make allowances for disaster preparedness. But it is worth the extra money to have an extra supply of vital medications. Ask their doctor for assistance. Often times doctors have samples of some medications. 

At Emergency Preparedness Service 
we are able to help you with other “special” needs. We have contact with a number of medical suppliers that can provide items that are not currently on our website.

People with special needs also may need assistance evacuating during an emergency or disaster. Make arrange with other family members, friends or neighbors to assist you in making plans for anyone who is in need of help. Sometimes just having someone, check in with a person with special needs can do the trick.

Also, you can go to the local fire department and let them know about someone in need of assistance. They should make a note of anyone in the area that would not be able to help themselves. Ask the fire department to help you make plans for people with special needs.

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we will be happy to help you.

Household Preparedness

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Every home has areas that are safer than others during a disaster. Do a walkthrough of your home to identify and correct the following dangers:


·        Beds under windows. Move beds out from under windows that could break in a disaster.

·        Beds below heavy mirrors, framed pictures, hanging plants. Heavy objects can fall during a disaster.

·        Breakable or heavy objects on shelves. Consider a cabinet with latching doors. Use museum wax to secure fragile items in place

·        Loose latches, such as magnetic push latches on cabinets and cupboards. Cabinets can swing open during a disaster causing contents to spill

·        Glass bottles in medicine cabinets. Put glass containers on lower shelves or near the back.

·        Flammable materials close to heat sources. Painting or cleaning products should be stored in the garage or an outdoor shed.

·        Heavy or glass objects next to exits or escape routes in you home. Move them for easy exit.

·        Objects with wheels. These can roll during a disaster. Block the wheels.

·        Dead or diseased tree limbs near the house. Tree limbs can fall and damage the house or hurt people.

·        Brush, dry grasses or overhanging trees within forty feet of your house.

·        Unreinforced masonry that could fall during high winds or earthquakes (chimneys in particular).

Decide and discuss with your family where the safe and unsafe areas are in your home. Decide where you should meet inside and outside the home when disaster strikes.

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Assemble an Emergency Kit for Your Pet

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Taking care of your pet

Today in Disaster History March 15, 2018

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Disasters in History

Free Survival and Preparedness Manuals

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Nuclear Explosion Preparedness

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Preparing for nuclear disaster is essential because of all of the recent threats from North Korea and the possibility of war. 

Today in Disaster History January 5, 2018

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1969 - In Surrey, England, an Airana Afghan Airlines flight crashed due to pilot error. 50 of the 65 people onboard were killed. An additional two people were killed on the ground. 

1970 - In Yunnan province, China, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake killed 15,521 people.

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Today in Disaster History January 3, 2018

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Today in Disaster History

1975 - In Moscow, Russia, 61 people were killed when an Aeroflot flight crashed shortly after takeoff. 

1976 - In Moscow, Russia, 87 people died when an Aeroflot flight crashed into houses after takeoff as a result of an in-flight fire. 

2004 - A Egyptian charter flight crashed into the Red Sea killing 148 people. 

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Happy New Year 2018 from Emergency Preparedness Service!

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Happy New Year 2018 from Emergency Preparedness Service!

The 2017 hurricane season hit many people very hard. Thousands of people were caught unprepared. 
For some people, preparing is all at once, while others prefer to slowly accumulate the essential items they might need. 
Either way, we are here to help you. So over the next few months, we will be sending out tips and tricks to help you and you family prepare. 

The most important place to start is making a plan. 
Write it down, practice and tweak your plan until everyone in the family is familiar with what to do, what to expect and how to react. 

Have a heathy safe 2018 from your friends at

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Yellowstone Supervolcano was Hit By 450 Earthquakes In One Week

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Yellowstone earthquake swarms, are we ready for the supervolcano? 

Knowing Your Hazards at Home, Inspection and Remedies

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Inspecting for Possible Home Hazards

Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

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Keeping food safe after an earthquake power outage

Where do Earthquakes Happen?

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Earthquakes happen anywhere. Being prepared is key to survival 

What to do before an earthquake - be prepared

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Preparing for an earthquake

What do I do during an Earthquake?

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What do I do during an Earthquake?
What do I do during an earthquake? 

Before, During and After a Quake

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How to prepare

Earthquake Safety Tips

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What to do before, during and after an earthquake. 

7.0 Earthquake in southern Japan

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7.0 Earthquake in southern Japan Launches New Website

Posted by on 3/24/2016 to News has a newly designed website...check it out. 

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