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Nuclear Explosion Preparedness

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Preparing for nuclear disaster is essential because of all of the recent threats from North Korea and the possibility of war. 

Today in Disaster History January 5, 2018

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1969 - In Surrey, England, an Airana Afghan Airlines flight crashed due to pilot error. 50 of the 65 people onboard were killed. An additional two people were killed on the ground. 

1970 - In Yunnan province, China, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake killed 15,521 people.

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Today in Disaster History January 3, 2018

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Today in Disaster History

1975 - In Moscow, Russia, 61 people were killed when an Aeroflot flight crashed shortly after takeoff. 

1976 - In Moscow, Russia, 87 people died when an Aeroflot flight crashed into houses after takeoff as a result of an in-flight fire. 

2004 - A Egyptian charter flight crashed into the Red Sea killing 148 people. 

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